22 Principles of Hacking the Mind to Success

I promised I will be releasing the 22 principles of success after concluding the online mind training.

Here it is;

#Principle 1: Vision and Dream
Have a dream and vision.

#Principle 2: Positive Mindset
whenever you fail stay positive and learn it lessons.

#Principle 3: Attitude and Character
Your act must be positively guided through right set of attitudes and character. 

#Principle 4: Focus
Never drift away from your vision, no matter the hardship.

#Principle 5: Passion
You must love doing your work to enjoy everlasting success. 

#Principle 6: Imagination
Your thinking and results is the product of your Imagination. 

#Principle 7: Hard Work
To enjoy everlasting success, you have to out work others doing the same thing that you do. 

#Principle 8:  Believe
Your success is determined by the level of faith you put into your work. 

#Principle 9: Integrity
To succeed you must stay truthful always and never compromise your being for any amount of money. 

#Principle 10: Volunteering
To receive, you must give. 

#Principle 11: Courage
To succeed, its never over until you win. 

#Principle 12: Discipline
You must do something related to your purpose everyday to be successful. 

#Principle 13: Humility
Respect, love everyone and hate in nobody. 

#Principle 14: Self Esteem
The way you view yourself is the way you will be presented to the world. 

#Principle 15: Cooperation (Win Together)
To enjoy everlasting success, you cannot do it alone. 

#Principle 16: Patience
To succeed one must willingly wait and delay gratification. 

#Principle 17: Knowledge (Aptitude)
To succeed, the mind has to be engaged through books, seminars and conferences. 

#Principle 18: Altitude (Network)
The kind of friends you roll with, will determine the kind of place you roll to. 

#Principle 19: Consistency
To succeed, people have to know you for one thing and see you doing it everyday.

#Principle 20: Desire
To succeed, you must have a burning drive that takes you to the point of value. 

#Principle 21: Responsibility
You own your life; nobody owns you. 

#Principle 22: Confidence
Do things without being scared and always be self assured of your ability. 

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