We all have aspirations, we all have dreams, we have visions but are we really passionate about those wild thoughts?

Are we scared of what people would say if we choose to live up to our dreams and vision?

If you still think about what people still or will say about your vision, you are yet to master the craziness of your vision.

You have to be crazy about it. You have to be that vision, you have to be that person you want to become, you have to keep talking about it anywhere, anytime, keep thinking, learning and growing in it.

Dr Wayne Dyer said "as you think, so shall you be". This is just seven words that will shape your life and help you to focus on your dreams and vision.

Sometimes, its about risking everything for your dreams. Dreams no one could see but you alone, yes you alone.

I want to be the most successful entrepreneur in Africa. it's a big dream right ? you have to be crazy about that and it start with a decision, you just have to decide now, who you want to be and what you want to become.

Ten (10) years from now you should boldly say I choose my life, I didn't settle for it.

When you make that decision of being who you really want to become, obstacles would come your way, your family would not believe in you. The lights would cut off but you have to look at your dreams. Reviewing it everyday and saying to yourself, it's not over until you win.

I have been in that place before but  I didn't give up. I kept moving.

I became Idle at some points, I had nothing doing, and I was suffocating in pressure.

At another point, I had many things inside but I figured out something I am passionate about, I figured out myself, who I was.

I knew I was good at something. I knew I was good at inspiring others. I knew I was good at helping others to achieve greatness. Right there, I knew I was a career coach.

I know you are good at something but you are scared, timid and fearful. Don't worry, I am with you. I had also face a similar challenge and I resolved to this...though it was a bit childish;

I ran to a small room, locked myself up and shouted I want to represent possibilities.

It was an attestation that I would be great at my new world. You could say that too... Say "I want to represent possibilities"

Right on that spot, I choose my life and vouch never to live somebody else's life.

Fellas, the time is now and just decide, who you want to be.

Be what you want to become and lose yourself in it.

Be inspired!!!

Thank you for reading! If you find this helpful, drop your comment below.


  1. Kayfactor always inspires...
    We surely can be who ever we want to be.

    1. Yeah! Greatness is not meant for the selected few, it is meant for people who choose their life and believe. They believe they can pull anything through and are very hardworking. Thank you for reading!

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