The world is filled with different kind of people. We have the good people and the bad one's. We have the negative one's and the positive one's.

The world again is filled with the undead, people who have no purpose and are ready to kill your dreams. People who have not done a thing and are preventing you for chasing your dreams.

We also have people who cannot go into negativity but are recruiting others to help them fulfil their dreams I.e. Negative dreams.

For example, the so called God Father sending younger ones to the street to kill and destroy things or better some senior women recruiting young ladies for prostitution.

Recently, I was also confronted with a similar situation. It was a leadership program and we were served  dinner. However, to get served, you have to submit your meal ticket. So a guy came to me after he has been served and requested that I help him get another one. I asked why? He said, "he had extra ticket." I replied gingerly that "I am sorry, I cannot do it" and that ended the conversation.

Sometimes, we make decisions based on our value system. I respect my dignity and I cannot tarnish my image on anything immoral.

Anyways, you can also put the Baba and Iya Test into play. It would help you come out of difficult situations.

Baba and Iya means father and mother in my language.
So, just ask yourself "what if my mother and father sees me doing this, would they be happy or angry with me ?"

So you don't have to conform to any negativity, rather have a strong conviction and principles that would help you stay positive always.

This resonate with the words of "Martin Luther King Jr.," He said "I would rather be a man of conviction, than a man of conformity."

Donald T. Phillips supported by saying "Martins ability to be decisive emanated from his innate courage, self confidence, and sense of right and wrong."

We should always seem to do the right thing, no matter the condition or situation.

I am not a CONFORMIST.
You are not a CONFORMIST.

Ultimately, because everybody is doing it, doesn't mean it is right for you to do the same.

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  1. Iam so moved by this,many programs that are needed to make our Africa grow and progress.congratulations iam a firm supporter.


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