Vulnerability - A worldly disease!

We thought only the olds, orphans and kids are vulnerable but we all face vulnerability in our day to day activities. 

We are wounded inside and scared to take the great step that would change our lives. 

Often people become vulnerable because of the feeling of security. Life is good here and it can't be better on the other side. 

Life is good on the other side because its continually watered. People on the other side often challenge the norm. They get out of their comfort zone and do what is right. 

However, we the weaker guys (vulnerable's) tend to be used. 

And as time goes on we get used to it and we can't just get out of it.

We become vulnerable when we stay in our comfort zone! Yes! When we fail to move to the other side. The side where happiness is felt and inner awesomeness.

We become vulnerable when we have to hang on in a job that tortured us, tortured our integrity, soul and dignity. 

Vulnerability! Vulnerability! Vulnerability! 

Another name is Weak Spot!

We tend to be the weak spot and give in to the boss's who sexually maltreats us without speaking up. 

Vulnerability is when we can stand and speak for the truth! 

Vulnerability is when people easily influence our decision without giving it a thought.

Vulnerability is when we look low on our selves and  feel somebody own us. 

Vulnerability is putting up a mask and not being you. Your true self. 

Vulnerability is when you allow yourself as instrument for negativity and evil deeds. 

Vulnerability is when you are scared of the future and uncertainty. 

There are over 100 definitions of vulnerability. We live in that world! 

Identify the vulnerability in your life and overcome it. 

You should be counted! 

You should be heard! 

You should not be tortured. 

You own the right to your happiness! 

I had like you to ponder on this quote said by Maggie .L. Walker and relate it with you current state. She said, "it is either you stand up and be counted or you lie down and be counted out."

Guys, the choice is ours!

Thank you for reading!

Be inspired! 

Drop your comment, if you find this helpful! 

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