My 2017 Story

The Journey was a bit fiery and full of ups and downs. It was filled with peaks and valleys

It was filled with days where I had to cry inside as things were not going my way but I kept moving anyway. 

2017 taught me how to become more humble as I failed in many things and struggled so hard just to make Impact. 

I reminisce days where I had to borrow data from 9mobile just to post Inspirational articles and remain consistent. 

Hmmm....there were days I had to use free Facebook just to keep up with what is happening online. 

Or days I had to wrack my brain just to drop an article for you. Yes you reading this now and helping you stay on the track. 

Or is it days where I had to call on friends to support my project. 

I can see those days...Yeah. Days I had to burn data just to watch videos and take courses online.

Wow I vividly remembered that day I was rushed to the hospital, thought I would die but God healed me. 

Then the day I had to travelled to Ghana by road just to attend a summit I was shortlisted for because I had no other choice. And I had to solicit donations from families to return back home. 

There were also days I had to hang on a job I was not happy about just to make ends meet.

There were countless days I felt unhappy merely receiving rejection mails and the message come as this 

"Thank you for your application. We regret to inform you that you have not been accepted into the program. We received a large number of highly competitive applications like yours for very limited slots in the programme. We appreciate the time and commitment invested in the entire application process. We also apologize for the delayed response. However, we hope you continue the good work in your organizations/initiatives."

Some days, I had to save just to attend programs and seminars at weekends. I even go hungry sometimes on my way back home but couldn't buy anything to eat because if I tried that, I wouldn't be able to reach home. 

Most times, I had to face challenges from families and friends. They kept ringing it in my hears that "when will this your stuff pay." Often I chuckled because no one but I alone can see the bigger picture and why. 

I have cried and cried and cried. I have leveraged and out of nothing pulled great stuffs. 

Out of nothing, I started Kayfactor Inspires, a brand which is already going global. 

Out of nothing, I started Kayfactor Leadership and Career Academy-KLCA, a non profit organization that helps young people discover their purpose and forge trajectory for their lives. 

Out of nothing, I have reached out to over 1000 young people both online and offline.

Out of nothing, I have spoken in several programs across the state and even got opportunity to project my voice internationally.  

Out of nothing, I have written more than 130 inspirational articles. 

However, I have had success stories too. I have met countless amazing people who have changed my life. I celebrate you all. 

To all you my great friends that find time out of your busy schedules to read my articles, I celebrate you! 

To all my amazing friends on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and most especially LinkedIn. I love you all! 

Despite the rejections at the beginning of the year, God started doing his wonders close to the end of the year. I was selected for mind blowing programs that positively changed my life. 

Well, I can boastfully say that 70% of my resolutions for 2017 was achieved. I am a moving train, oozing to 2018 with bigger dreams

2018 here I come. 

I am challenging you to go into 2018 with high self esteem, positive mental attitudes and with strong believe that you can do anything. 

It's not about the money but it's having peace of mind. It's you feeding the mind what it wants by pursuing your dreams. 

I challenge you to; 

- Get lot more done

- Pursue excellence

- Have high level of integrity

- Never cheat your way to success

- Pursue Knowledge and strong network

- Then celebrate small victories because from smaller victories will emerge bigger ones. 

- Make mistakes and fail big.  

- Then live in the now. 

"Now is the time for you to move forward. Now is the time for you to stand up and be counted. The ground is now ready for you to plant the seeds of a new vision, one that will bear only the finest fruit. It is time to focus on what you want, to turn your dreams into realities so that you are able to spend your life in the manner in which you desire. Those who leave a legacy of achievement master the art of living in the now- the ability to make each moment count." - Dennis Kimbro.

This is my 2017 story, I am Hammed Kayode Alabi (Kayfactor). 

"It will never be easy but you just have to keep moving by all means"

Consistency was the key for 2017. 

If you have found this helpful in anyway, drop your comment below. 

Thank you for reading!


  1. "Consistency is the Key" well quote, excellent story of hardship to ownership!!

    1. Hardship to ownership! You never seem to stop amazing me with your submission MicheleElys.

      Thank you for reading!

  2. The power to move on while everything around shouts negative, is when we see light.Thank you for bringing your story to us, I am truly grateful and inspired.
    God bless you my friend.

  3. God bless you too!Wonderful Submission. Thank you for reading!

  4. This article has kindled my hustle spirit thanks and God bless us all.amen

  5. Consistency and Persistency, kept you from nowhere to somewhere!
    Keep focus,my role model.

  6. This is really beautiful. Been going through this kind of stuffs lately. I'm really inspired with new motivation to forge ahead. @kfactor you're going place. Thanks for this piece

  7. This is really beautiful. Been going through this kind of stuffs lately. I'm really inspired with new motivation to forge ahead. @kfactor you're going place. Thanks for this piece

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