Get Involve in the Process

One thing that has always helped me to scale in any endeavor is by my involvement in the process. 

This resonate with my days as an undergraduate. While I was in 100 level, the use of library was a compulsory course for all. I knew I had to read a large number of texts. So, I had to go through the process instead of reading the whole textbook. 

I went to the library and I went through the process of borrowing, right from dropping my belongings in the cloak to going through the catalogue, getting the books and meeting the library assistant in charge of borrowing. 

I followed all the due process and it was fun, I learned and faced challenges in the process. I could recall I found it herculean to locate the books I needed. So I had to seek for help and I was able to locate with ease.

This is also applicable to our doings in the Entrepreneurship,Creative, Corporate and Non Profit world. If you want to learn a particular trade or business, get involved in the process. Learn sales, marketing, production and so on. 

Likewise working in the corporate world. You can't call yourself a brand strategist,without having successfully promoted any brand. 

You can't call yourself a career coach, without having people whom you coach. 

You can't call yourself a social entrepreneur without having an enterprise. 

You can't call yourself an actor, without you having featured in any movie. 

Get involved in the process and learn. When you go into the process, you face challenges and you seek or search for help. You become a better teacher. 

So, what happened with me after going through the borrowing process. I went to the examination hall and I was smiling because the questions were talking to the actions I took in the borrowing process. 
I was asked, "where do you put your belongings when you visit the library?" I traced back to the process I followed and I clicked "Cloak"

To cut the long story short, I scored A in the course. 

No doubt if you follow the process, you will surely become a better person at what you do. 

Hence, in this 2018 get involved in the process, rather than procrastinating and waiting for it to happen. 

Thank you for reading! 

If you find this helpful, drop your comments below. 


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    1. You are doing a great Job too Habibat. Keep it coming!

  2. Thank you for reading!

    I appreciate it.

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