Leverage - A Key Factor to Successful Endeavor

Why complain about lack of resources? 

Why complain about not getting ahead? 

Why complain about not living up to your purpose? 

Why complain about not having the right knowledge? When all you need is all you have. 

Often times, people seek advice from me concerning start up, whether for profit, non-profit or personal brand. So, I asked them, why haven't they started? 98℅ say the same thing. Which boils down to; 

1. I lack resources

2. I lack money

3. I lack knowledge

Then, I respond by telling them to leverage, but only few understood how it works. 

Leverage means taking advantage of your close network, technology to achieve what you want. 

When I wanted to start Kayfactor Leadership and Career Academy (KLCA), I had nothing with me except the #3000 I saved from my daily savings. 

So, I was thinking of how to use #3000 to organize a career symposium for high school students and how I would reach my other target audience, which are youths outside high school or at higher level. 

I started thinking and what came to my mind was LEVERAGE! I knew I had volunteer for different groups, so I gathered a team that involves my close network I.e. those have worked with and build relationship with overtime. 

Then, I solicited for and received donations from friends and families. I was able to borrow projector for the program. A team member, friend and I acted as the facilitators for the program. 

I was able to cajole a photographer to support the program and he subsidize the charges ditto the public address system. 

I knew venue would be a problem. So, I visited schools and talk with the principals, so I was granted the opportunity to use the school hall, generator and access the students. 

Oh...graphics! A friend volunteered to do all graphics without charge. Then I have social media to promote the event (WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram etc...)
Great right! We reached out to over 200 students through leverage. 

To reach other young people across Africa and Nigeria, I created an online academy using WhatsApp, Google form to enroll participants and leverage on the Young African Leaders Network to access other youths across Africa. 

Facilitators was a big deal but I got that through my connections online and the remaining was history. 

We enrolled over 71 for our first cohort Leadership and Career Training. Currently, we are receiving application for the second cohort. 

Gaining knowledge: overtime I have developed myself through taking courses online, watching videos on YouTube and buying a lot of books that teaches leadership, purpose discovery and career development. I did all these using my phone. I applied for programs, summits, fellowships and conferences using the same phone. I also attend programs at weekends to learn more. 

To summarize all the aforementioned, 

"Don't buy what you need once when it can be rent, don't rent what you can borrow and don't borrow what can be gotten for free when you build the right type of network or relationship."- Segun Fatudinmu

No doubt your network is your net worth! 

"If you don't risk your usual you will have to settle for ordinary" - Jim Ron. 

I still have more to say but I don't want to bore you with it and sound cocky. But I hope these answers your numerous different questions of how to get started. 

Leverage! Leverage! Leverage is the key!

Thank you for reading! 

Remember #wearetogether

Drop your comment, if you find this helpful. 


  1. Awesome!!! Keep it bro. Very inspirational...

  2. Inspiring! I have no doubt that people are being blessed through this,so keep it up sir.

  3. Inspiring! I have no doubt that people are being blessed through this,so keep it up sir.


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