Get Your Being Into It!

Somebody asked me, why are you so obsessed about development and helping others grow?

Why do you waste your time and resources on others?

I said, "Leadership isn't about living for yourself only, its about serving others and serving humanity."

Numerous people are faced with challenges in the world.

90% of young people want to lose hope.

We have others willing to commit suicide and there are some others who have no slightest idea of what is happening in the world.

If I don't help them, what will be the alternative?

A lot of atrocities here and there. A world filled with negativity, people killing each other.

Young people feeling unhappy. Increase rate of depression.

Poverty, unemployment will increase.

And why do we have all these, because some just lacked capacity and there was no one to direct their lives. It wouldn't be bad helping them out.

Well, some may think you are in for something as I have met countless of people thinking I make a lot from what I do. But I don't.

I do it out of love and out of humanity. It's about being. Feeling you are part of something greater.

Some said, "you will get tired on the long run" but the action is the reward!

Yes, I have had bad times. I have had days I felt pain in the heart. Knelt and prayed for mercies and every time I do that, I remember my why. Whats your why? My why kept me on.

I know things may not go well for me but I believe I am just a metre closed to success.

And success isn't those material stuff. Success is your being and getting your being into what you do. It's contribution.

Inky Johnson said, "the moment our driving force is interconnected to our desire to contribute beyond ourselves we enter into a relationship with our legacy."

So to all of you feeling you aren't getting reward for what you do.

Never give up! Your reward should be your action.

Get into you being #become your purpose.

Thank you for reading

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  1. The joy in seeing other benefit from your service. That's the reward

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