You Cannot Lead With A Broken Body

Everyone reading this hone a skill which has made them valuable and I believe value cannot be exchanged with a broken body. 

The body is made up of cells, tissues, organs and systems.

I also hold the notion that we are all leaders and good health is a great enabler for effective leadership. You cannot lead with a broken body. 

  • You might be thinking what has leadership got to do with broken body, but you will all agree with me that you can't lead adequately with inefficiency in one of your system. 

For instance, the former President of my country, Nigeria Umar Musa Yaradua. Despite his great plans to reshape the country, his leadership was short lived due to lack of good health.

What happens when we have broken cells, tissues, organs and systems? It gives room for diseases and it makes all other cells and systems weak. 

For example, if our circulatory system isn't functioning properly, it will limit the blood flow to the brain and working muscles. If our brain is inefficient how do we tend to think, exchange values and lead. 

Our health is paramount and it is necessary for us to manage the body. Exercise is a great means to improve our health and that can be done in your home(it might be your parlor, courtyard or anywhere in the room).

Health tips:

Drink water before you go to bed and when you wake up.

Regular medical and dental check up.
Avoid or regulate the fat and carbohydrates intake except if you are an athlete and require special dietary pattern. 

Maintain healthy relationship and socialize.
Eat food high in water and balanced diet ( Fruits, vegetables...)

Exercise regularly ( climb stairs instead of lift, trek to the nearest junction instead of hopping bike)

Remember, you cannot lead and exchange values with a broken body - Exercise is paramount ~ 

Heaven is free, only the fit can make it and only the fit can enjoy paradise on earth ~ Professor Talabi A.E.


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  1. Great piece and quite helpful, indeed, we can't lead with a broken body.
    Thank you.

  2. Yes, nice one from kay

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