How old are you?

I met a young entrepreneur sometime last year and I was inspired by his story. He was 18 years old and still in high school. 

What motivated him into doing  business was to help her mum who had no job. 

He also felt he could impact people's life. 
A big dream for a young boy, WoW!

He was taught how to make liquid soap and izal, that was two years ago and he worked as a labouring bricklayer to sponsor his JSS 3 education. 

Peter currently produces 21 domestic product such as insecticide, liquid soap, hypo, izal and many.

He said he started liquid soap production with just #1000 only. Peter has no home and currently lives in the church.

However, I was amazed by Peter's resilience. He was told by people that he was too young to champion big ambition I.e. liquid soap production, but peter is known all over the area. 

He supplies petty traders from home (church) with liquid soap and insecticides. 

He said, "I did more of trial and error to produce and making mistakes has made me a better person". Are you afraid of making mistakes, make mistake and break barriers just like Peter did. 

Peter now have people buying into his idea and he has started writing his business proposal to attract investors. 

Also, through his liquid soap selling, peter met the owner of Mier International School, one of his customers and she was inspired by peters story and that prompted her to sponsor Peters education. 

Peter is now a student of Miers International School and he said "I never believed I could attended such school."

Most times, our age becomes excuses when it comes to attaining our vision, we would say we are too young or too old to champion big ambition. How old was Steve Job, when he founded Apple? He was 21. Bill gate was 20, when he started Microsoft. Dangote was 21, when he took a loan of #500,000 and transformed it into 50 trillion empire. 

Peter Babalola is just 18 and he is on the verge to transform #1000 to a great business empire. 

My friend, HOW OLD ARE YOU?

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  1. This is just so inspiring. thanks for sharing this wonderful story.


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