Leadership: Sometimes, A lonely Journey

"There is an agonizing loneliness that characterizes the life of the pioneer." ~ Martin Luther King Jr.

Whenever you choose to become a leader, you should be ready for the task ahead and the sacrifice you have to make to initiate change. 

In my journey of leadership, I have understood how it feels to lead alone. 
Sometimes, you might have to lock yourself up and make the toughest decisions ever. Your team members won't be there but you alone will make those decisions and ensure you come through. 

Sometimes, you may have to cry and sacrifice all you have for the people. There were times I had no food on the table, all because I had to save for projects.

Sometimes, I had to think thoroughly to solve numerous problems. Sometimes, I may have to call on my sixth sense and put my creativity into test. 

Leadership is never easy, because if it were easy everybody will do it. Sometime, I had no one to inspire me. Motivation becomes zero. Nobody to share ordeals with and felt like I was in the dessert. 

Seriously, sometimes I just need someone to inspire me. People on the outside don't know how you get things done but you did it anyway and that is leadership. 

Leadership is courage. Going through secret storms and overcoming it without breaking. 

A friend shared with me, she said, "Most times when I share my thoughts with people around, they don't seem to get my point at all. I am always left with the option of thinking alone, following intuition listening to my spirit, thinking  and reading books. 

The route will never be easy but we just have to stand! We just have to keep standing. 

Leadership is standing for your dreams and vision even when no one believes in you. You just have to believe in yourself. 

You will have to deal with everything.  You will have to deal with Rejections! Failures! Losses! Even winnings and take responsibilities for your actions. 

It's your dream and you have to live it. 

Leadership is living your dreams.

Trust your guts and never be afraid to sometime work alone. 

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  1. Great piece.. In which circumstance(s) is it preferable to be an authoritative Leader over being a Servant Leader?


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