You have no Idea- Thank you for the birthday wishes

I write this to you all from oyo-ibadan- Lagos express way, where I was stuck in traffic and i had to sleep over on the road.

Hmmm...a great way to end my birthday.

In the traffic, I thought of Oprah Winfrey, who went to Dr. Maya Angelou and said "I think I have achieved my greatest legacy. I built a school in Africa."

Then, Maya replied, she said, "You have no ideas what your greatest legacy is. Your legacy lies in what you do everyday to liberate and help thousand, millions of people."

Reflecting on this statement, I thought of all the beautiful messages that I received for my birthday. I couldn't even count it.

The calls and those beautiful voices wishing me happy birthday. You guys are so amazing.

In a way of celebrating the day, I facilitated a talk on how people can optimize social media for business and personal performance in Oyo.

To my surprise, my audience were mixed (older people, market women, youths and high school students/graduates).

I had to explain in simpler terms and share examples they can relate with. One of which was "if you sell Palm oil along the express road, over 1000 passengers passed that route. You can have a page on Facebook and consistently share about your palm oil. Add location and phone no or even you can share through your Facebook Wall. You can even communicate in your local language.

To cut the long story short, a lot was said and I also had to timely communicate in their mother tongue (Yoruba).

Nonetheless, I was caught unaware after the event as the audience rose to sing the happy birthday song. Both the old and the young. I was super joyous and happy.

Then, I remember the words of Maya Angelou again " You have no idea about the legacy you will leave."

Today, I have no slightest idea about what I have done and I am yet to do. I have to keep helping people everyday because that is where the true legacy lies in."

Thank you friends, families, protégés, mentors for the love! You guys are awesome.

Thank you all for being the amazing person that you are.

I am because we are!

And thank you for giving the best gift ever! Your love!

Thank you isn't enough!

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