Dear Future Parents,

Over the years and now, our educational system has killed creativity by admitting us to courses that it desires not considering our desire, strength and talents.

Although, we accepted that fact but our parents shouldn't be at the forefront to kill creativity.

As a growing young boy, l love to play football. In the quest to fulfill my desire, I played in the street or in my courtyard with my friends. I wanted to represent Nigeria at the world Cup. I saw myself in jerseys of Austin Jay Jay Okocha and Kanu Nwakwo.

I even went to the extent of playing for the so called peak tin cup made with bulb competition and I could recall disturbing my dad to enrol me in Pepsi Academy. Later, he was forced to enrol me in a local club to begin my journey as a career footballer but was stunted by Primary Six (6) Common Entrance Examination. My teacher advised my dad to stop me from training as it may lower my score in common entrance examination and that ended my career in professional football.

Also, most young boys jet into their room while playing football on the street when they sight their parents coming afar. They lose their freedom. Freedom to become what they want to become.

I could also recall my younger brother loves electronic and if he was bought any toy, he would dismantle it to find out how it is working. The end result is, he will be punished for it and creativity has been killed.

Some children like to ride bicycle but you won't buy it and you will threaten them with coming first in class, why? Using fear to kill creativity, Why? I love some children, they will go to the extent of borrowing their friends bicycle and you get them punished when you noticed. Why? Gradually, you are killing a potential cyclist.

I know some parents living in the current world would disagree with me. My loving future parents, we are in these together. Let support our children dreams and stop the killing of creativity.

However, I am not saying you shouldn't send them to school but schools should complement their strengths, abilities, talents and desires.

The school should also inculcate in children, adequate moral discipline.

Dear Future parents, stop the killing of creativity.

Thank you for reading! 

Be Inspired
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