I am Abnormal (Above Normal) Series III

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Moving forward, I faced a major setback after NYSC, I had no job, despite having great track records and professional certificates. I was very idle. It even got to a stage I said, “ I would not work for anyone.” 

I was yet to know how the outside world works. For three months after NYSC, fear, doubt and indecision was clouding my life. I needed to find purpose, I needed to find that stuff that makes me tick. I needed to find something I can connect my life with. I was looking for that abnormal thing I can lose myself in. 

I was losing my extraordinary to pressure. But on a sudden day, I started taking steps to revive my extraordinary. 

I started taking courses online, reading books, facilitating lectures on whatsapp, speak at events and teach for free. Through idleness, I resorted to inspirational writing. January, 2017. I posted my first write up on Facebook titled “The Century.” Since then I have been inspiring people, giving people voice they need to grow. I was connecting with my stories and I was helping other unemployed youths like me to avoid negativity. 

Inspirational writing gradually was becoming part of me and it became an habit, it became an obsession, addiction and I became an abnormal inspirational writer

Now, I have written over 150 inspirational articles. More so, as I was posting my write ups via my social media handles, I was connecting with minds and I started receiving messages from young people requesting me to mentor and coach them on their career and life. I became a career coach through inspirational writing, it happened naturally. 

June 6, 2017. I decided to give my career a new shape. I founded Kayfactor Leadership and Career Academy- KLCA, a Youth led NGO with the vision to build and liberate young leaders in the society. And, at KLCA, I have been challenging the normal and we have been challenging the normal by helping young people, secondary school students to connect classroom with the outside world. We would never stop until you all do things and make decisions that affects your lives and the lives of others. KLCA will be known all over the world. We would not be the norm but abnormal (above normal). We will reach out to millions of young people, we are wired to do that. 

Ultimately, I want you to be great, I want you to be successful at what you do. I want you to challenge the normal in your life. I want you to be abnormal. You not being the best at what you do is normal. You not getting better at what you do is normal. I don’t want all that, I don’t want you to be Dangote, Bill gates, Steve Jobs, Fela Durotoye…you can be better. Only you can. 

I want you to surpass all these great people. You are a banker, be the best banker of all time. You are an entrepreneur, be the best entrepreneur of all time, be the best in the world. You are a First Aid Professional, be the best of its kind. Yes, people will tell you, you are doing too much but your too much is not hurting anybody. Its creating more change and impact. 

Halima Layeni said, "If being too passionate and too ambitious will bring me good tidings, all I ever want to be is to be too passionate and too ambitious." 

Normal people will listen to pessimist but abnormal people will keep going, no matter what. I tell myself everyday that, I will be the best motivational speaker and writer of all time,” nobody can stop me. I do not want to be the normal speakers and writers. I do not want to be the norm, I choose to be abnormal. I am abnormal.   

Thank you for following the story to the end. 

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